Sunday, 29 August 2010

Solar panel or generator

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If you follow the motorhome forums and to a lesser extent the caravan forums you will see this is an area of regular debate. Despite what some people will tell you there is no right or wrong answer.  Both have high set up costs. Solar can trickle charge your batteries for many hours a day. Generators provide much higher levels of power but are noisy. If its for emergency use then generators probably win. f you want to wild camp and live off grid then solar is probably better.

Chatsworth Motorhome & Caravan Servicing can supply both so if you want to discuss your options then give us a call or drop us an e-mail.
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Friday, 27 August 2010

Fitting bits and pieces

Airtel Digital TV Review [Updated]Image by code_martial via FlickrAs the children go back to school many people are looking to put their vans away for the winter. This is actually a good time to stock up on things that you really want in your motorhome or caravan.

Many people ask me about digital TV. We are now well in to the digital switchover and many people have found that their TV no longer works. Chatsworth Motorhome & Caravan Servicing can supply digital TV's, satellite systems, digital aerials, out door sockets to plug in to the bollards available at some sites and many other useful items. Please call to discuss your requirements and if you know what you want drop me an e-mail and I will get you a price.

I have also had a run on additional locks which make it much more difficult for people to open the caravan or motorhome habitation door. These really do improve security and they are relatively low cost.

So what are you waiting for drop me an e-mail and get a price for those things that you have been thinking about.
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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Storage Yards

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Yesterday I was working in a local storage site, one that I visit regularly with a good reputation and excellent security. We were discussing a raid on another local site by thieves. I don't publish its location on my website again for security. However if your in need of excellent storage facilities in Derbyshire then I can point you in the right direction.

A good storage site is a must for many people, some are much better than others. A cheap storage site in a barn isn't really safe enough these days, you need barriers, cameras and preferably some dogs about. You might have a caravan worth £20k or a motorhome worth  £30k so what is a few hundred pounds a year for good security.
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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Todays thoughts.

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Will it ever stop raining? I need to go and reseal a couple of vans but the weather has been so bad its just not been possible to do the job. Sometimes you wish you had a workshop but then I guess my customers wouldn't want to tow to my premises! Oh well roll on the summer...

As we get towards the end of the season its time to think about servicing your van before putting it away for the winter - why wait until the spring when everyone else is trying to book an engineer for a service. Book it in during the autumn and winter and you will have a better chance of getting an engineer at a time that suits you.

Don't forget if you have got a question about caravans, motorhomes, camping, spares, satellite TV, solar panels etc. etc. then you can always contact me for advice.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010


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Unfortunately things sometimes go wrong with caravans and motorhomes and its good to know that there is someone out there to help you out. Chatsworth Motorhome & Caravan Servicing offers a full breakdown service (not for motorhome mechanical issues relating to the base vehicle).

This week I have been called out to a broken motor mover, two fridges, two leaking gas regulators and a few other smaller things. Sometimes these can be fixed on site or occasionally we have to make arrangements to have the problem put right when the customer gets home.
Derbyshire flag
If your going away you really should take with you the number of the MCEA National Breakdown service which is 0845 5192143. You will find this number and links to the MCEA web site on my own site at I also recommend that you take a few spares with you such as bulbs and fuses. You can find a selection of useful products on my web site.

If your coming to Derbyshire or North Nottinghamshire then remember my number 07918 121085 and if you have problems then please call me.
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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

An update from Chatsworth Motorhome & Caravan Servicing

To carry my tools and equipment I tow a trailer which is great for locking away when I have finished. What has become clear to me this year is that the terrain I work in really needs a 4x4. I have been thinking about it for a long time but now the time has come to buy. You really need something meaty with all of the farmers tracks we have to go down.  So next time you see me I will hopefully using a 4x4 to tow my trailer.