Sunday, 30 January 2011


Photo of a typical refrigerator with its door ...Image via WikipediaCaravan and motorhome fridges are not the same as domestic fridges but people expect them to be. They are not designed to be left running 365 days a year. They are designed for a leisure vehicle that is used for holidays and breaks. I get customers running them even when the vehicle is in the drive - please don't you are asking for your fridge to prematurely fail and they are very expensive to replace.

Fridges also need servicing and this isn't a five minute job. Usually it means removing the fridge to get to the burners and flue. Check your handbook as many fridges need an annual service which incidentally isn't normally part of a caravan or motorhome service. The reason for this is the time it takes to do the job. If you do want a fridge service it will probably save you some money if you have it done at the same time as your annual service but you need to book it in advance so that the engineer is aware.
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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Caravan & Motorhome Show - Manchester 2011

Solar PanelsImage by Living Off Grid via FlickrThe 20th to the 23rd January 2011 is the Caravan and Motorhome Show in Manchester. Come and see the MCEA stand in Hall 2. This isn't the full MCEA but a group of local MCEA engineers working together to man a stand. We are all self employed independent engineers who work as part of the association known as the MCEA. We can service your caravan or motorhome, fit accessories such as motormovers, satellite dishes, solar panels or we can deal with problems when your away from home such as gas, electrical or water problems. Please come and see us and let us know that you have read my blog.
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The last few days

BUXTON, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 30:  Overnig...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeThe world is full of nice people, you really shouldn't take in all the rubbish in the newspapers. Saturday had me carrying out a habitation service on a motorhome and the customer made me a bacon sandwich and kept me topped up with tea. Not only do I get to work in a very beautiful place (Derbyshire) but I meet good people. Another one of my customers had been milking cows in -20c during the cold weather - did he complain, no he didn't.
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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011

FireworksImage via WikipediaI have been taking calls all week from people looking to book in their caravans and motorhomes for their annual service. Please remember that we are entering a really busy period for engineers and you will need to be prepared for a wait before you can get your service. So please don't ring three days before you set off on a six month round Europe tour!!

What can I say - taps, taps and more taps seems to be the words going through my head. Experienced caravaners who know how to drain down their vans have been caught out by this severe frost. Taps and water pipes have split and caused a lot of heart ache for people. The good thing is that these things can be repaired but the parts can be expensive and I suspect they might well be in short supply this spring. What ever you do please try your caravan well before your due to go away. You need to check pumps, taps, water heaters and drains.
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