Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why have a service?

I don't think that I need to say anything except get your van serviced -

Easter 2010

Matlock BathImage by Dave Pearson via FlickrThis is the traditional start of the caravanning year for many people. Having said that there is definitely a move to people using their vans in winter, this is probably due to better insulation and heating systems making both caravans and motorhomes very warm and cosy even in extreme cold conditions.

Its been a great start to the season with temperatures around 23c in sunny Derbyshire. It certainly brought the tourists out yesterday. The queue of traffic in to Matlock and Matlock Bath yesterday stretched for many miles.

Its been so busy with call outs that the local engineers can't cope. So if you need help and we can't get to you this weekend then I'm very sorry.
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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Derbyshire flagImage via WikipediaWorking in Derbyshire I find myself travelling through Chesterfield on a regular basis. I don't know what the councils have been doing but they seem to have decided to dig up and barricade the town centre this week. Two major roads have been dug up at the same time - why?

In a time of scarce resources new Police pull in area have sprung up in towns and villages around Derbyshire. I have yet to see a Police vehicle using one. How much money did these cost??
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Spring time and caravans

Want a caravan?Image via WikipediaI say this every year but please check your caravan well in advance of going on your holidays. I have been taking call outs on a regular basis from people who have the van loaded and something fails to work. As caravan engineers we are busy servicing peoples caravans at this time of year so we can't always get to you very quickly.

I had an interesting call out to a failed motor mover. It had been fitted by a very big and well known dealer and the installation was shocking. Short battery leads, no fuses, crimps not crimped properly etc. etc.. Very disappointing but at least I get some business putting this poor installation right!

The other main problem at this time of year is obtaining stock. We can't carry everything and sometimes stock takes longer to arrive thanwe would like as things go out of stock at our suppliers due to demand. Your holiday could be ruined because we can't get spares? Please check your van a month before you go away.

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