Thursday, 26 July 2012

Carbon Monoxide

"Beware of carbon monoxide" - NARA -...
"Beware of carbon monoxide" - NARA - 513966 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Carbon Monoxide has been in the news recently due to some tragic deaths over the last few months. Every year people lose their lives to this silent killer which can't be smelt. Anything that burns in a caravan or motorhome has the potential to give off carbon monoxide. This includes charcoal and LPG (butane and propane).

It is so important to be aware of the dangers and you can take some simple steps to protect your self.

Never take a barbecue into an awning, caravan or motorhome. A warm, smouldering barbecue gives off plenty of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill.

Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your awning.  Stoves, cookers and barbecues are designed for cooking not space heating. Never use the cooker to warm up your caravan or motorhome.

When using your cooker or stove inside a caravan or motorhome ensure that you have plenty of ventilation and that you follow the recommendations as laid down by the manufacturers.

Never run a generator inside an awning.

Don’t cook inside your awning, unless there’s an area specifically designed for this purpose and you’re sure that there is adequate ventilation.

Don’t use any other gas, charcoal or liquid fuel appliances inside an awning. Gaspowered fridges and lamps, for example, also need plenty of ventilation to prevent them producing poisonous carbon monoxide. Awnings aren’t generally designed with this in mind.

Fit a carbon monoxide detector in your motorhome or caravan or if you don't know how then ask a caravan or motorhome engineer to fit one for you.

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