Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Leisure Batteries

Winter is here and most caravaners and motorhomers have laid up their vehicles for the next few months, It is really important to protect your battery over winter, If you just leave it for the next three months without charging it or looking after it then there is a good chance that it will let you down next year. You really need to put some charge into the battery every three weeks or so, if possible put the battery somewhere warm such as on a bench in a garage. Buy a good quality leisure battery charger, something like a C-Tek charger.

For caravaners with motormovers: you need a very well charged and looked after battery to operate your motormover. Just connecting the caravan to the car and driving a hundred miles will not charge your battery enough, You either need to use an external charger or plug the caravan in to the mains for at least 48 hours.
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

2014 caravan and motorhome servicing

Easter eggs in carton.
Easter eggs in carton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is time to start thinking about servicing your motorhome or caravan in 2014. Easter falls in the middle of April and demand running up to Easter will be very high. Please book now to avoid being disappointed.

Already Chatsworth Motorhome & caravan Servicing has seen unprecedented early demand. Some weeks in early 2014 are already full.

So please don't wait, book early.
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

End of October 2013

Camper Van
Camper Van (Photo credit: Bev Goodwin)
Here we are back from the huge Caravan and Motorhome show at the NEC. It was good to see some of my current and hopefully new customers. I get the feeling that the feel good factor has returned as people seem to be spending money again. Certainly the dealers and suppliers I spoke to had a good show.

The weather is starting to turn now, its certainly colder, very windy and we are running out of daylight hours. Remember this is a good time to book your 2014 servicing as the diary quickly fills up. February is almost full so my message to you is book now and don't wait too long.
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Electrical wiring in caravans

Motorhome enroute to New Zealand
Motorhome enroute to New Zealand (Photo credit: L2F1)
Started off this morning by replacing some wiring in a caravan. A previous owner had installed an additional socket; but they had used solid core twin and earth. Solid core cable should never be used in a caravan or motorhome. Please consult a qualified caravan or motorhome engineer to ensure that you stay safe.
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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Caravan & Motorhome Show, Birmingham, October 2013

English: A Motorhome
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
October is nearly here and we are getting ready for the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC from the 15th to the 20th October 2013.

I hope that you will come along and find the MCEA stand. Here you will find qualified motorhome and caravan engineers. Come and ask us questions, learn about the MCEA network and get the details of your local engineers.

If you go to the show on Friday then please come and say hello; I will be on the MCEA stand all day.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ouch its hot

Its over 30c in Matlock today and its baking hot. This heat really does slow us down and we need to keep taking breaks. I have been trying to work on a motohome roof and it was actually burning me - it was so hot.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Summer 2013

Some thoughts this week.

English: Hymer Mobile Home B 524 SL Svenska: H...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its summer and I am still getting calls from customers expecting a service within the next few weeks. You really need to plan ahead and think a few months ahead about your service.

I think that it also important to make a proper booking. Don't just say "when your in the area" because you will never get the job done. A proper booking is vital.

When we order parts it can take several weeks to get what to you is a trivial part. The caravan and motorhome industry is not like the car industry. The supply chain can be very poor. When we do get the parts then please don't expect them to be fitted the next day, we aren't sitting there waiting to fit your parts. Once again you will have to make a booking.
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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A busy weekend

Its been a very busy Bank Holiday weekend in Derbyshire. The sun has been shining, holiday makers and day trippers have been out and about in their thousands.

The main breakdown areas this weekend have been -

1) Gas regulators failing
2) Water leaks
3) Toilets
4) Batteries

Most of these issues can be avoided by a bit of preparation. You should get your leisure vehicle serviced, that will help to identify some of these problems before they become a real issue. Secondly before you go away set up your vehicle and run everything. If you find problems you can get them fixed before you go away and save yourself some trauma.

Also please remember that caravan and motorhome engineers need some time off too.
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Thursday, 28 March 2013


Tractor Snow-Ploughing Crown Square Matlock
Tractor Snow-Ploughing Crown Square Matlock (Photo credit: Matlock-Photo)
Easter has arrived and its been very cold in Derbyshire. I haven't seen snow as bad as its been for many years. Derbyshire County Council, the local authorities and many farmers and contractors have done a superb job of clearing the roads.

If your travelling to Derbyshire with your caravan or motorhome this weekend then I suggest you call the campsite before leaving home. The major sites are fine but some of the smaller sites have problems with mud and blocked approach roads.
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Friday, 1 March 2013

Easter and servicing

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Every year it astounds me that people ring up a few weeks before Easter and expect to get their motorhome or caravan serviced before the holiday period. Please, please, please book well in advance and if your van is still under warranty then its even more important.

All of the workshops and mobile engineers that have a good reputation will be full weeks in advance for major jobs such as servicing. They will be able to pull in small jobs and call outs but thats about all.
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Easter is coming

English: A Hymer Coachbuilt Motorhome
A Hymer Coachbuilt Motorhome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Its that time of year when people start thinking about getting their motorhome or caravan ready for the new season. Easter is early this year and most people like to get their van serviced in time for the holiday period. This puts a great deal of pressure on the service industry and it does mean that space is very limited.

If you know that your caravan or motorhome needs servicing before Easter then you need to book it in straight away as servicing slots are running out.

easter eggs
easter eggs (Photo credit: dmboyer)
If you don't need your van for Easter why not think about booking in for the summer or even Autumn time. You could put your van away for winter knowing that its been checked out and its ready to go as soon as the weather improves.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Its -7c in Derbyshire this morning. Its thick freezing fog and we have snow all around us.

This kind of weather makes it very difficult to travel and work. Its not safe to jack up caravans in these freezing conditions and travel is difficult. I am having to cancel appointments and re-book customers. I apologise for the inconvenience caused and I will do my best to minimise the impact.