Sunday, 8 June 2014

Motorhome Parking

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To all local authorities in the UK - please read this web site.

Our European neighbours get it, why don't we? If you provide parking for motorhomes then people will come and spend money in your towns and villages.

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I hear people saying that motorhomes should use the local campsite. That is totally missing the point. Motorhomes don't need campsites and often the facilities aren't suited to them.

So come on UK, catch up with the rest of Europe.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Booking in your caravan or motorhome for a service/the madness of the industry.

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I am still getting calls asking for a service in the next few weeks. All of the experienced and properly trained engineers are all booked up for weeks if not months ahead. You need to plan ahead and that means months ahead not days or weeks,

Its also important to give us time to order parts if we find a problem, before you spend three weeks touring in Europe. The supply chain for the caravan and motorhome industry is frankly appalling, a wait of several months is not unusual. The manufacturers operate in a way which I think might be unlawful under European law but independent engineers do not have the money to test this in the courts. We have some major manufacturers that refuse to supply parts to independent engineers - this can't be right and should be changed. I tried to order a window from the importer and probably the biggest wholesale supplier in the industry and I was told that they can only supply it to ***** dealers.

I tried to open a trade account with a big caravan manufacturer and was told that they didn't accept requests from independent engineers and that I would have to pay retail prices for my parts. That pushes up the price for my customers and makes it much more difficult for independent engineers, it reduces choice and must be legally dubious.

I challenge the industry, clubs and interested parties to sort out this madness.
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