Thursday, 30 October 2014

Poor design

Why do we put up with poor design in motorhomes and caravans. Yesterday I went to work on an Alde boiler fitted to a Bailey Caravan. The boiler was set back under the seating area in such a way as it wasn't possible to remove the boiler inspection panel. The boiler could have been moved forward about 10cm and there would have been no problem. Although this was a Bailey I have had the same problem on other vans. I have had a caravan recently with a Truma S3002 fire, the PCB had failed which controls the electric element switching, its behind the fire and there was no access. The whole fire had to come out to do a ten minute job - crazy.

Or what about taps over the top of the fridge so that when the tap fails we have to remove the fridge?

What about power supplies that have to be opened to change the charger and the woodwork doesn't have a big enough hole to allow the front panel to be removed. Madness.

There are so many examples of bad design, come on the Caravan industry get your act together.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Caravan and Motorhome Servicing in 2015

Motorhome overnight parking (Stopover/Stellpla...
Motorhome overnight parking (Stopover/Stellplatz/Aree di Sosta) in Granville, France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Already dates in March and April are filling up. If you need your caravan or motorhome servicing (especially if you have a warranty) then please don't leave it too long before booking. Drop me an email at or visit our website at

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mobile phones in Derbyshire

SOFTBANK_Mobile_phone_tower Japan
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When you work in a rural area such as Derbyshire and rely on your mobile phone it becomes very frustrating when you can't get a signal. The interesting thing is that foreign tourists get a much better service than UK phone owners. As a tourist your phone will roam on to any available network which means much better coverage than a UK phone. So my question to Ofcom and the Government is why don't you insist on UK roaming being available? It would mean a massive improvement in rural areas.