Sunday, 25 January 2015

Unique caravan design

If you follow my blog then you will know that I think that there is very little innovation in caravans. I have just been shown a fantastic design

Let me know what you think.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Why have a service - the insurers view.

Why Have A Service – An Insurer View

Why have a service on your caravan or motorhome? We all know that we have to have an MOT on our Car for the insurance to be valid, its clear cut in the policy document but is it the same for Touring Caravans?
I have done a little research and looked at Terms & Conditions documents from 4 major insurers and it appears it is. All insurers require you to “Maintain your Caravan in a Safe & Roadworthy Condition” Question is how do you prove you have?

Many posts on Caravan Forums have said “When I Made a Claim for an Accident the 1st thing they asked for was Service History” So without service paperwork can you prove it in the event of an accident or claim?

My advice – Have an annual Service on your caravan from an approved workshop then the insurer should be satisfied straight away.

What follows is the policy document extracts from the 4 major Caravan insurers, The Caravan Club, The Caravan & Camping Club, AA Insurance & E&L Insurance.

One additional exclusion on E&L is interesting check your storage is compliant.
— Caravan Club Insurance – Terms & Conditions General Conditions
Page 14
Care of the Caravan
You must take all responsible steps to safeguard Your Caravan, Equipment, and Contents against loss or damage, maintain it in a sound and roadworthy condition, and take note of the terms of the Warranty on page 8 of this booklet.

—Caravan & Camping Club – Club Care Insurance Caravan & Trailer Tent Policy Booklet
The Cover (Continued)
Maintenance You must ensure that Your Unit is maintained in a sound and roadworthy condition as Insurers have offered this insurance on that basis. If Your Unit is not in a sound and roadworthy condition and You suffer a loss as a direct result, Your claim could be rejected.

— AA Caravan Insurance
Terms & Conditions For Select Policy
Page 13
3 Care of Property
The property insured must be maintained in sound condition and all reasonable precautions taken to prevent and minimise any claims.

— E&L Insurance Policy Wording Document – Full Terms & Conditions
Section 5 – General Conditions
Page 2
You must take all reasonable steps to prevent loss, damage or accidents and maintain any property covered under the policy in a sound and roadworthy condition.

E&L also exclude as follows
General Exclusions Page 3
17. Any claim where the caravan is stored on a working farm.