Sunday, 22 February 2015

Wheel loss

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I'm coming back to a really important subject - caravan wheel loss.

If you have a caravan then you need a torque wrench. All caravan manufacturers suffer from wheel loss not just Bailey. Bailey were brave enough to stand up and say that they had a problem. They spent a great deal of money on research and have come up with a solution. However it isn't just a problem with Bailey Caravans, its all manufacturers. You need to follow the instructions set out by your manufacturer but in simple terms you should torque up your wheel bolts before you set off and approximately 35 miles later in to the journey.

This is a vital part of owning a caravan. You can also make a big difference by fitting WSL Safety Wheel Bolts. Ask when you book your service and we can fit them for you.

So fit WSL wheel bolts, re-torque your wheels in accordance with the manufacturers guidance and never ever drive off without using your torque wrench.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Free nights away in your motorhome

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If you have a motorhome then its time to think about where you are going to go this year. There is a fantastic scheme called BritStops

This allows to to stay in vinyards, pubs, cafes etc. for free. Take a look at the BritStops web site or better still support this great scheme by buying the book and becoming a member.