Friday, 1 May 2015

Caravan and motorhome stories in the press.

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So yet another balmy decision, motorhomes have been banned from Cosford Airshow incase it rains and they get stuck in the mud -

A much nicer story is the family touring the West Coast of Scotland in their motorhome -

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Bamburgh castle(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bamburgh wild camping outlawed, once again the nanny state steps in to restrict people lawfully parking up for the night. It seems okay for HGV drivers to park in lay-bys and just throw out their rubbish and urinate in the verges but motorhomes with toilets, sinks, waste bins and occupents willing to spend their money aren't welcome!

Do you want to join the campaign for proper overnight parking facilities? See the following article for a great letter that can be used.

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