Monday, 27 July 2015

Summer has arrived.

Summer is here although the weather is more like Autumn. Many people are taking their motorhomes and caravans out for the first time this year. Its really important to do some basic checks before you go out.

Check your lights and tyres
Run the gas system, make sure your fridge, boiler, fire and hob all work
Check your water system, do your taps work?
Charge your leisure battery using a proper leisure battery charger
Plug in your 230v and make sure your fridge, charger and water heater work.

If you go away and something fails don't panic. You can switch to another power source such as gas if something like the fridge or water heater fails. Even if your water pump fails you can manage. Use a bottle to flush your toilet and keep a bottle of water in the fridge to drink.

Remember your on holiday..... Happy Holidays.