Saturday, 1 August 2015

Motorhome & Caravan Supply Chain.

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I am finding that my customers are shocked by the poor supply chain in the caravan and motorhome industry. My customers expectations are that I can order parts today and get them tomorrow. If only that was true! Some parts can take 3 months to come?? Compare that to the car industry and you can see that the caravan industry is 30 years behind and very amateurish.

Some of the manufacturers act in a really anti-competitive manner and make it very difficult for engineers. One large manufacturer in the South West will not allow independent engineers to open trade accounts, what is that all about? Can you imagine the outcry if a car company refused to sell spares to the independent sector.

As an independent engineer I can service British built vans and a few continental built ones. But some companies refuse to allow independent and fully trained engineers to service their vans. This should be outlawed and in fact the EU legislation is probably already there but it needs someone with very deep pockets to tackle this behaviour.

Its time for Government to step in and regulate in the same way that the European Union sorted out the car industry. These anti-competitive processes were outlawed in the car industry and massive fines were levied on some well known car companies.

Wikipedia outlines the law as :- According to the UK Department of Business Education & Skills, the empowerment created by this law provides competition in the automobile industry as vehicle owners now have the opportunity to repair and service their vehicle at alternative workshops to the automobile manufacturers. BER provides automobile users the flexibility and benefit to reduce the amount spent on servicing, thereby providing consumers more choice and better value for money.

Tell your dealers and manufacturers that this is not acceptable behaviour.

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