Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn approaches and servicing

Here we are in October and the phone is still ringing for servicing and lots of repairs. The weather has been amazing and it means the local campsites in Derbyshire are still very busy. Modern caravans and motorhomes have good levels of insulation and great heating systems.

This week I have come across a few scary things. I connected a gas bottle and I could smell gas. I investigated further and found this six year old gas hose. As you can see its rotted and gas was just pouring out of it. Its really important that you have your caravan or motorhome serviced by a fully trained engineer. They need to be either ACOPS or Gas Safe (LPG). These two qualifications will give you the confidence that the engineer is trained to deal with LPG. You could also go to and find an engineer and they all hold these qualifications. Chatsworth Motorhome & Caravan Servicing is a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme.
During the same week I came across these tyres, they were both in a terrible condition and to be honest a death trap. My advice to the customer was not to move the caravan until the tyres have been replaced. People seem to take their tyres for granted. They stand for months at a time and then they end up on the motorway doing 60mph. They are prone to damage because of this standing around. You should get a professional service and get the tyres and brakes checked by someone that has been trained in what to look for. So whilst the weather is so good get out in your van but remember to get it checked every year to ensure that your van is safe to use.

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