Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rejecting a new motorhome or caravan.

From October 2015 new Consumer Rights have been introduced which gives the purchasers of new motorhomes and caravans new levels of protection. You are legally entitles to reject a motorhome or caravan if its "not of satisfactory quality". I should caution you that rejecting a vehicle is not the first thing that you should do. You must give the dealer an opportunity to put things right first. Time is also important as the first six months are important in this process. It becomes much more difficult after six months although the law gives you protection for the first six years.

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If there is a problem with your motorhome or carvan you should go and see your dealer and make them aware of the situation and what you expect them to do. Keep a note of the date, time and who you spoke to. Now give them time to respond. If your not happy write to them with a factual letter (keep copies) pointing out all of the issues and again what you expect them to do. Watch the timescales and if your not getting anywhere you should send them a fromal letter which should be delivered in person or delivered and signed for by Royal Mail. Your letter should be along the lines of -

RE - CrIS number or registration number, Manufacturer, Model.

I ordered a manufacturer & model from you on dd/mm/yyyyy. I was advised once the vehicle became available and I paid for and collected the caravan/motorhome on dd/mm/yyyy  I subsequently discovered that it was not of satisfactory quality due to :-

 1) list your issues and problems in a factual manner.

I made you aware of the problems on dd/mm/yyyy but you have so far failed to make a satisfactory offer to rectify those problem(s). However, the vehicle is clearly unroadworthy/unsatisfactory. You are therefore in breach of contract.
I am legally entitled to reject the vehicle and to be reimbursed for its full purchase price of £xxxx. (Consumer Rights Act 2015)

I look forward to receiving your cheque for this sum within 14 days. If you fail to reimburse me I shall have no alternative but to issue a claim against you in the county court for recovery of the money without further reference to you.

I'm not a lawyer so you should consider taking professional legal advice or seeking helping from your local Trading Standards. The above letter should prompt the dealer to take you seriously but if they don't then you must be willing to go through with the legal action. Usually the dealer will sit up and take notice once a letter like this is received and they will certainly listen once court papers are issued. Remember you must give the dealer the opportunity to repair and rectify the problems, this isn't a licence to just get your money back.