Saturday, 30 April 2016

April update

English: Caravan Site
English: Caravan Site (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Its been a while since I last posted as its been an extremely busy time. Spring is a time when caravaners in particular want servicing and repairs carrying out. It would be much better to plan your servicing, you don't have to have your service carried out before you use your van. Would you organise your car servicing every spring? Engineers have more time to help out, carry out small jobs and give you advice during other times of the year. A good time to have a service is the Autumn before you lay your van up for winter. At the same time as the service we can help drain down the van, grease will be sprayed on moving parts protecting them over winter and generally getting the van ready.

English: A Motorhome
English: A Motorhome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I still find the caravan and motorhome industry very amateurish in comparison to the rest of the vehicle industry. Did you know that the industry doesn't even advise engineers of serious safety issues. There has been some serious safety concerns about certain underslung motorhome gas systems. The National Caravan Council knew about it, they published safety advice but didn't pass it on to the Approved Workshop Scheme - so no one told the engineers. Oh and the Approved Workshop Scheme is located in the offices of the National Caravan Council. COME ON GET A GRIP.